Yellow sign saying "Are you READY?". Gray lectric car Volkswagen ID.4 on lift, male mechanic or electric vehicle technician in blue overalls scratching his head, sign saying "Danger of Death"

Are you ready for the electrification?

EVs and HEVs are becoming more and more common, and many car manufacturers are reporting that they will fully electrify their cars within 10 years. This will, as many experts say, bring a drastic change to the aftermarket. Electric vehicles require less maintenance than traditional ICE cars, but will require expertise that traditional cars doesn’t. According to this article from Raconteur, only about 5% of the mechanics and technicians in the UK are ready for the arrival of these electric vehicles, and that number is probably quite similar all around the world.

With these modern vehicles, your years of expertise is not an excuse for not getting the needed training, since not being able to work on electric cars and hybrid is something that, unfortunately, will put you out of business one day. The electrification also brings some totally new dangers to working in an automotive workshop, and you will need to know how to work in close proximity to high-voltage systems if you don’t want to get electrocuted.

Electric car maintenance and repair is new to everyone, and there are some new technician titles arising. You hear about electric car mechanics, EV technicians, High-Voltage technicians and there are even electric car repair shops opening, that specialises in performing repairs and maintenance on electric cars and hybrid electric cars exclusively. You might also have seen training providers and even universities market electric vehicle courses, electric car mechanic courses, and electric vehicle repair training courses with many different names.

You will most certainly need a lot of model specific training, but you will also need a solid knowledge base to build your expertise from. Everything can not be learned by online training, but it is a very good alternative to traditional training when it comes to learning the theory. It is cost effective and convenient.

Why not take the first step today, and start your journey to become an electric vehicle expert?


EV Technician Training Kickstart-Package

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Start building your knowledge base for further EV and HEV training with our kickstart-package. By ordering them as a package, you save 30% on the cost.

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By clicking on the included training module, you will be taken to the product page for the specific module. Remember to order from this page to benefit from the discount. Ordering this package gives you a 12 months access to the training material online. For each module, you can print out a Prodiags certificate after passing the final exam.