Prodiags for Mechanics



Satisfied Automotive mechanic or technician leaning at car telling his Prodiags Training story

After getting my Automotive Mechanic degree, I thought I knew all that I needed to know about how to be a mechanic. Quickly I discovered that my education had given me a good basic knowledge, but I was nowhere near ready. Some of the things I came across at my job I had never heard of before, and some things had already changed in just a few years.

At the beginning of my career I did not receive any further training. It felt like I couldn’t keep up with the technological development, and at the same time the earlier shortcomings in my knowledge was an obstacle for my progression in the workshop. I experienced trouble with finding ways to improve my skill level. The training provided by my employer was not comprehensive enough for me.

One day I got the chance to attend a training where Prodiags was used as a part of the training being delivered. This gave me an opportunity for pre-learning. Before the actual training session I got the opportunity to study the basics of diesel exhaust gas technology.
I learned, for example, the function of different EGR structures, the catalytic converter, the particulate filter (DPF) and particulate filters that use additives (FAP). Through the pre-training I realised which components and functions are introduced to the vehicle with the NOx after treatment system (SCR).

After this I attended a training session that covered SCR systems. I felt I was able to absorb the information from the training better than before. I could ask the right questions regarding the subject, perhaps even some tough ones, to obtain even more information. I got more out of the training than ever before.

Since then I have used Prodiags Training Modules to improve my knowledge, especially when I find a new subject I’m interested in. For the time being, I’m brushing up my memory on electricity and my goal is to get technician level diagnostic troubleshooting tasks at work.

Prodiags Online Training being used in classroom with mechanics and SCR reservoir on table