Prodiags for Trainers and Teachers

Make Your Own Work Easier

Being a trainer or teacher can be demanding. Your workday contains other things than the visible training part, you also have to  create the material, and somehow find time to keep your own knowledge and skills up-to-date. Often, you might find yourself burning the midnight oil, or sitting alone in your classroom preparing for the next day.

Prodiags is here to help. Hundreds of trainers around the world already use Prodiags in one way or another. You can, for example:

  • Use our ready-made Training Modules in the classroom and for your learners to study at home
  • Use the Training Modules to develop your own knowledge
  • Share your own material
  • Develop something new, for example pre-learning

By using Prodiags, you can focus your energy on more important things — making demonstration material, for instance.


We offer you as a trainer or teacher, no matter if you work at a school, workshop chain or some other type of organisation, a free trial — without commitment. We are certain you will see how you could benefit from it in your day-to-day work. During the trial period, you get full access to 5 different Training Modules.


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Included in the trial:

  • Your personal user account in our trial environment — you see everything as your students would see it in your own training environment.
  • Full access to 5 Training Modules — experience the boost of modern online training.
  • You will be contacted personally by email to discuss what solution would be best for you — if you want to continue the use, you will be given more info about the built-in teacher and admin tools.


After the Trial?

If you are already familiar with Prodiags, and you would like to start using it right away with your students, check out these start-up packages for teachers and trainers. You can use it together with your students, for your own personal development or simply for sharing your own material. If you want more info, or have any questions, you can always contact us at


If your vision is to solve organisational needs, you are planning an e-learning development project or want more information, please contact us.

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