OSAO (Oulu Vocational School) is a multidisciplinary, major vocational trainer from Northern Ostrobothnia, with around 11,000 students. With its attractiveness, scope and results, OSAO is ranked at the top of vocational schools in Finland.
OSAO implements vocational training services for the Oulu Regional Educational Consortium (Osekk).
One of the cornerstones of OSAO’s training activities is the technology and transport sector, which, among other things, is trained as a vehicle-orientation student. The duration of the training of the vehicle mechanic is approximately 3 years, with a total of 180 knowledge points. The whole consists of vocational qualifications (145 knowledge points) and joint degrees (35 knowledge points).
The training of a vehicle mechanics is provided by extensive offerings at the OSAO’s Haukipudas unit, with a lower offer on the OSAO’s Muhos unit.


ProDiags is involved in educational training

The ProDiags learning environment provides robust and complementary cornerstones for educational purposes, whether it is young or slightly older students – without forgetting the teachers. For teachers, ProDiags offers significant benefits, such as personal study guidance, maintaining and developing their own professional skills and expertise, and always utilizing the latest version of content and toolbox quality tools. Additionally, time and location related learning is reduced. Students, on the other hand, can find that studying and learning takes place on each of their own terms, utilizing the most effective way of learning versus learning material and using materials developed in response to the existing professional requirements in the field. In this way, the “eternal” boundary between theory and practice becomes obscured, and the ability to apply is improved.


Mika Kesti OSAO Haukipudas

Mika Kesti, working at Haukipudas unit, has used online ProDiags to study in his teaching years.


ProDiags as part of OSAO’s training for vehicle mechanics

Mika Kesti, a vehicle engineer working at Haukipudas unit, has used online ProDiags to study in his teaching years. In his view, it is useful and why it is fine that ProDiags-like learning environment has existed and exists.
According to Mika Kesti, the industry is mobile, but the study is mostly used only for immobile still images. For this, ProDiags has brought a longing for change, because the animations have been particularly useful for being helpful, studying and inspiring. From the point of view of the efficiency and motivation of the learning process, animations, as well as other ProDiags content, have been regarded as valuable.
According to Kesti, ProDiags has been used by hundreds of automotive students. They have had access to the material under review on their own. ProDiags has effectively supported and supplemented traditional teaching methods, says Mika Kesti and continues that ProDiags has been a forerunner and pioneer in its field. The desire to take things forward and to develop as well as sensational enthusiasm, he said, has always been noted in ProDiags’ authors and in the background.
However, only the change is permanent, and things in the electronic universe – where practically we are all twisting in the small planetary space of the bit space in one way or another on our orbits – are changing, evolving and moving forward. And learning environments do not make this exception.
Mika Kesti’s expectations for the ProDiags 5 coming soon are quite high.