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How to get training offerings to better correspond with the everyday needs at the workshop?

Running the everyday routines at a repair shop or garage requires a lot from the management. In customer work, a single problem, for example ordering the wrong part, can set off a domino effect that affects the rest of the day, and turning the workshop manager’s job into a fight for survival.
When everyday is full of surprises, one would not believe that you have to be able to develop the staff’s skills with training and courses at the same time.

It was in fact being a part of everyday life at the workshop that sparked the idea why training organisations aren’t providing more comprehensive solutions for workshops. Training only on current topics and news takes the whole situation even further down the wrong path. The top-tier technicians develop their skills even further, but at the same time, lifting new mechanics even to the mid-caste does not seem to be of interest to anybody.


Workshop Concepts — More Than Just Training

So that you as the foreman in charge of the workshop’s training wouldn’t have to carry an even bigger load in your day to day work due to different training solutions, the idea for the Prodiags Workshop Concepts was born.
The training concepts for workshops are about the need, that is solved with a ready made plan, content and material supporting the progress.
The most groundbreaking thing is perhaps the support material, which removes the need for planning and preparing from the person administering the training. He can focus on what’s important.

How would workshop training based on the idea of a training funnel that you lead, sound? The idea of the Prodiags Workshop Concepts is to build a frame, around which you build the technicians’ and mechanics’ skills development with new subjects and carefully selected local courses during the following years.
Learn more about the concepts, and assess if we succeeded in meeting the demands set by the everyday challenges at the workshop.

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