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The storytelling in the Training Module is groundbreaking and the studies are visually intelligent. The animations make complicated things simple to understand, the pictures give a contact point to the automotive technology and real work, videos serve as examples when needed, and texts elevate your imagination. Thanks to our customers, the modules also include a printable study material, which guides you as a “virtual teacher”. It’s practically applied tasks are based on real work experience.

Whenever you think you master the subject, you can challenge yourself with the assessments. Warning, without studying you will probably not pass them — but you can always try.

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HV Vehicle Technologies – Toyota Prius PHEV 2014

$ 11.26

Learn the basics behind the 2014 Toyota Prius PHEV with this online training module. Learn what you need to know about the construction of the vehicle, and how to find the recent manufacturer instructions for servicing and repairing the vehicle.

  • General presentation and features of the HV Toyota Prius PHEV 2014
  • High-Voltage Systems
  • Special usage and driving features
  • Structure and description of the high-voltage system
  • Functions of the high voltage system in different operating conditions
  • The material corresponds to the technology for Toyota Prius model year 2014

Why this module?

Production of the Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid began in 2012. After years of continuous, extensive sales, this is one of the most common hybrid car models. By familiarising yourself with structures and operating principles, you will improve safety levels and your own capability, both in maintenance and repairs.

What will you learn?

Familiarising yourself with the material begins with a description of features and usage. You will become familiar with activities that promote a better usage and driving style for the vehicle. In the structural description, you will find all components of the high-voltage system, along with their specific features. Operational descriptions of ten different usage conditions illustrate the relevant operating principle in a simple way. You will know how and when the components of the high-voltage system are active, and what their functions are. Finally, you will find information on Toyota’s maintenance and repair-instruction service.

The content is designed for qualified auto-service and repair-shop personnel working in the motor industry who have basic knowledge of the safe use and handling of hybrid vehicles. After becoming familiar with the material, you will have a good general understanding of how the Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid utilises high-voltage technology, and how this implementation is different from solutions you were previously familiar with.

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Learning Outcomes

After studying, you will have a general understanding of the usage, structure and, in particular, the operation of the high-voltage systems of the Toyota Prius PHEV 2014. Familiarity with the technology makes it easier to use the maintenance and repair instructions, and to perform maintenance and repair work safely.


No certificate or final exam available for this module.

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General knowledge and skills regarding the safe handling of electric- and hybrid vehicles, and required electrical safety training (depending on location). Motor industry or relevant technical background. We recommend to go through the Prodiags Online Training Module Hybrid- and Electric Vehicle Technology before you enroll for this specific Toyota Prius PHEV 2014 module.

System Requirements

Internet connection and PC or laptop with browser. Recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher.

Content Equivalence

This course’s topics and objectives correspond in scope to a conventional 2 day training event.

Once you have made your payment, you get immediate access to the content in the form of a license valid for 6 months. You’ll save time and money by not needing to travel.


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Prodiags reserves the right to make real time updates and changes.
This way you’ll always have the best version, without extra fees.

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1/4 – I’m a mechanic and I want to direct the payment for the training to my foreman, how can I do this?

  • When ordering a Prodiags Training Module you can easily direct the payment to your manager or even to your mum. Open/print out the link’s instructions.

Printable order instructions (PDF) 

Mechanic showing “ok” to supportive workshop manager regarding Prodiags Online Automotive Training

2/4 – How can I provide my mechanics with useful training for example when a customer cancels an appointment?

  • With the help of an Online Training Module you can utilise open spaces in the calendar and cancelled appointments with completing efficient training.
  • If you have an ambitious mechanic whose skills and competence level you want to raise, Prodiags Training Modules are the easiest and most efficient way to start the training.

Read more about the benefits >> Workshop Manager

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3/4 – What knowledge is required from me in order to provide added value to my training event with pre-learning and online material?

  • Starting using the training material requires only a few clicks from you. You order the training material, add the participants and the pre-learning is up and running.
  • A central added value of the Training Module’s Assessments: the trainer and learner knows the starting level, which enables the interest and motivation in the training to be maintained.

Learn more >> Trainer / Teacher

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4/4 – How can I share and present Prodiags products to my community?

  • Prodiags Automotive Training Modules are meant for everyone with an interest in the automotive industry. We cooperate with different influencers and we do not bind our partners to our brand.
  • If you were interested in presenting your own collaboration idea to us, please fill in the Influencer Form and tell us more about yourself and your idea.

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