Diesel Exhaust Gas Technology

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Diesel exhaust gas technology is full of abbreviations. What do you know about EGR, DPF, SCR, etc? Learn everything you need to know about these technologies and become an expert in the field with this online training module. Learn how the systems work, and how to diagnose them in case of a possible fault. Learn the right ways of repairing and servicing these systems with this online training module for mechanics.


  • Exhaust gas components and systems
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) from vacuum controlled valve to dual circulation systems
  • Cooling of exhaust gases and circulation boosting
  • EGR control principles and repairs
  • After treatment components
  • Particle filter systems and their regeneration
  • SCR catalysts and how they operate
  • After treatment malfunctions, service and repairs



Ever-stringent emission regulations have driven diesel engines improvements and harmful emission reduction systems. This rapid development in Diesel Exhaust Gas Technology poses new challenges for the maintenance and repair of diesel engines.


EGR valves, catalytic converters, diesel particle filters, SCR catalysts and AdBlue are all part of daily life in the workshop. This learning module will help you become familiar with these topics, whether or not you have model-specific knowledge. Each chapter includes information on basic operation and essential principles for mechanical technicians. Examples from experts will provide good general guidelines on responding to indicator lights and identifying which service and repair procedures are needed to resolve issues.

Learn about different EGR-system structures, how they differ from each other and how to diagnose and repair them. Do you know what a Dual Circuit Structure means when it comes to EGR? Are you familiar with EGR troubleshooting? Learn this and much more with this diesel exhaust gas technology training for mechanics.


Learn about diesel particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction with this diesel exhaust training module. Learn how to service and repair DPF- and SCR-systems, and how to troubleshoot these systems in case of a problem. Learn about SCR-system maintenance, DPF washing and replacement, and much more with this online training module.

Diesel exhaust gas technology troubleshooting is time consuming and spare parts are expensive. This material will help you learn how to avoid hazards and develop your knowledge to become a more professional mechanic.


To reach all learning outcomes you need to have a basic knowledge of engine operation and mechanical systems. Troubleshooting experience will help you to understand how to apply the learning in practice.


This module’s topics and objectives correspond in scope to a conventional 2 day training event.

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Internet connection, PC or laptop with browser. Recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher.


After completing your studies and appropriately completed assignments, you will complete the final exam. After completing the final test, you can print a Prodiags certificate from your performance record to mark your expertise.


You will better equipped to understand manufacturers’ diesel exhaust gas technology and systems. A deeper understanding of symptoms and faults will help you become more effective with troubleshooting and maintenance.



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