Prodiags Personal Pre-learning Concept

Experienced middle-aged or old mechanic with gray hair lifting a car tyre for mounting the tire. Dark gray car on scissor lift. Representing a user of the Prodiags Online Pre-Learning Training concept for automotive workshops.
Pre-learning is widely used by vehicle manufacturers to raise the learning outcome of their training events. Prodiags offers a concept that now makes pre-learning available to every auto mechanic and technician. If you want your employees to get the most out of the training events, start using the Pre-Learning concept.

Benefits of pre-learning:

  • The learning can start at once — when the motivation and need arises
  • Enables learning alongside work — utilise idle times
  • Make sure your technician enters a training event on an correct difficulty level — with the training modules’ assessments
  • Prepare technicians for more efficient learning at the training event — and more hands-on
  • Lead technicians to ask correct questions from trainer — get maximal benefits for your workshop

Complementing traditional face-to-face training with pre-learning will, by experience, bring better learning outcomes and deeper knowledge.

Car garage or automotive workshop manager or owner drinking coffee in office. Bald man with gray beard in a blue button-up shirt holding a paper coffee mug. Planning the Prodiags Pre-Learning training concept for his mechanics and technicians before their face-to-face automotive tech training course. In the image a picture of a calendar with the texts training and remember pre-learning.

Prodiags Pre-Learning Table:

How to use the Pre-Learning Table

Using this table is simple. You browse for a subject close to your upcoming training event and find the Prodiags Pre-Learning recommendations. By ordering from this table, you can easily purchase all recommended modules for your technician at the same time by simply clicking “Add to cart”. All included Training Modules come with a 12 month license time.

We recommend you purchase the pre-learning package at least 10 days before the upcoming training event in order to utilise idle times at work.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Awareness, Operation and Maintenance Training

Vehicle Electrical Principles Training

Batteries, Battery Testers and Troubleshooting

Electrical Components, Intermediate Electronics and Diagnostics

Electrical Diagnostic and Fault Finding Techniques

Oscilloscope Introduction and Diagnostics Training

Maintenance Service Training

Brake Service Training

Tyre fitting and Wheel Balancing Training

Diesel Common Rail Operation and Diagnostics Training

Diagnosis and Maintenance of the Adblue (SCR) Systems Training

Apprenticeship Basics - Environment & Safety


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