Prodiags Personal Skills Concept

To manage the mechanic’s personal skills, a foreman needs to know all the employees’ characteristics — personality, professional skills and potential to learn new things. In order to mentor the development, you are forced to give both supportive and critical feedback without destroying the trust. This is difficult without proper tools. Watch the video and learn how this concept can help you.

When ordering Skills products to your employee, we recommend that you take a look at the Prodiags Personal Skills Concept instruction document. It gives you info on ordering, getting started and tips to you and your employee. All included Training Modules come with a 12 month license.


Workshop manager behind service register or desk in auto workshop or repairshop. Blue shirt, brown hair and beard.
As a supervisor, I was particularly fascinated by the pre-planned concept and execution. This solution fit my workshop like a glove.”

Young female car mechanic or auto technician with red hair in automotive workshop or garage under a car, van, truck or lorry.
“As a “greenhorn” mechanic, I really appreciated my first employer for giving me a chance to show my capabilities and passion for work.”


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