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Feeling Stuck?

Are you feeling stuck, and does your teaching methods remain unchanged year to year? We do not doubt your abilities as a teacher, but we would love to help you find new methods to teach automotive technology to your students.

Prodiags has provided innovative training solutions for automotive vocational schools since 1991, and we are a pioneer in interactive e-learning material. Our roots run deep in the automotive industry, and we are mechanics, technicians and engineers that later on became trainers and learned how to code.

We are currently looking for pilot users globally for our online material. We want to truly pressure test our material on a global scale, since we have seen that it works here in Finland and the Baltics (approx. 95% of Finnish vocational schools use Prodiags). Our material has received very positive feedback from both teachers and students. Why not try something new? Click on “I Want to Become a Pilot User”, enter your info, and we will contact you shortly to discuss if Prodiags would be a good fit for you.

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