About Us

What is Prodiags?

Prodiags is a mindset of learning.

Founded and still based in tiny Finland, Prodiags is also a pioneer in automotive online training. Our ideas have, even after more than 30 years, stayed true to the original idea for the company, and we are still firmly rooted in creating top-tier automotive training material for schools, workshops and organisations, as well as individual mechanics and technicians.

In practice this means innovating from real work experiences, optimising the learner’s time, boosting motivation and challenging traditional ways, which together leads to solutions that enable the knowledge to grow.


Who We Are

Prodiags as a company is a team of experts specialised in automotive education. Our innovative staff owns different strengths that we proudly bring forward both in products and systems.

Our content development team owns lots of experience from working in automotive workshops and garages, and we are proud to say that we are holding on to our history as mechanics, troubleshooting technicians and trainers. One could say that we are automotive professionals that learned how to create great training in electronic form.

Our IT team, who are responsible for keeping our online training platform working and updated, as well as bringing new features requested by our users, are leading professionals in their field, and if there is one thing they know how to do even with their eyes closed and hands tied, it is how to code.

When you combine top-class automotive professionals with great coders, how could the end product be anything other than absolutely brilliant?


Our Product

We offer 2 main products/services;

  • Online Training Modules
  • Online Training Environment

Our Online Training Modules could also be called courses. They are ready-made packages packed with everything you need to know on a subject, with everything unnecessary stripped away.

We use story-telling, images, videos and animations (both 2D and 3D) to convey the information to the learner. This has proven to keep the learner more engaged than simply reading a piece of boring text or watching a tutorial-style video.

In addition to the study sections, the Training Modules also contain assessments with randomly selected questions which measure the learners knowledge, and a printable material with questions and practical tasks which are to be performed in real life on a vehicle. These are meant for testing your own knowledge level, supporting your learning and ensuring that you have taken in the new information.

After completing the studies and assessments, learners can take a final exam if they want to. After passing the final exam, a Prodiags certificate can be printed out as proof of completing the training. Many mechanics and technicians are very proud of their certificates, and some even frame them and hang them on the wall.

Our Training Environment is meant for schools, bigger workshops and other organisations. In the environment, a trainer, for example, can administer the learners’ training, which training modules they should have access to, share their own material and follow up on the learners’ progress.

The Environment can be tailored to some extent, to fit any organisation’s needs, no matter if there are 10 learners or 500 learners.

Today we have users from all around the world, from over 90 countries. Automotive professionals from the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Lithuania, South Africa and many others cannot all be wrong, so why don’t you join them today?


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