Would you like to learn how to maintain your vehicle in a good condition, avoid future problems, and optimize your operating costs at the same time? 

Then this new Light Vehicle Proactive Maintenance course module is designed for you!

In this online course, equivalent to 1,5 – 2 days conventional classroom based training, you will be enabled to perform proactive maintenance by carrying out various actions and key inspection processes which affect the operational reliability of the car. Particularly the costs of having the car repaired. This study material consists of tips for car owners written by professionals in the automotive sector.

Following topics are covered in this course module:

  • Observations when approaching the vehicle
  • Checks outside, inside the vehicle, in the engine compartment, and also observations during driving such as noises
  • Daily items and practical tips
  • Weekly checks, e.g. tyres and pressures
  • Monthly and inspections before long trips, liquid levels and adding liquids
  • VW Golf, year model 2015, as an example
  • Practical tips from a professional to the user

What you will learn?

After completing this study course, you will have good basic knowledge about proactive vehicle maintenance. You will gain excellent knowledge and skills after driving instruction and/or very well positioned to engage in further studies. During this course of study, you will gain valuable knowledge about your vehicles condition, improving operational safety, and user experience. Proactive maintenance also means savings due to reduced maintenance costs in the future.

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