All the user settings can be found in homepage on the upper right hand corner, just click on the sprocket – button.



User can edit these settings:




Here you can change your profile photo, language and title.





Changeing password is easy from the user settings.




Password reset settings determine where restored password will be sent if user is forgotten it and click “I forgot my password” on the log in – page.




It is possible to log in Prodiags with other accounts like: Google, Facebook or o365. Clicking one of the images user can join one of the three alternative login accounts whit the Prodiags account. When the user is using normal email login the alternative login status is: “Unlinked login accounts”.




With these settings user can change organization information and contact persons.

“My Team Connections” – selection user can easily see what teams he is attached in to.

Switching role in the most frequently used function. With this operation user can “jump” between different roles without the need to login separatly in the Prodiags.