The partnership between Prodiags and Tiqani to “Bring More Learning Options to you”

Press release March 8, 2020

The target is to be more effective and efficient as the continuous disruptions in the autmotive segment keep coming. Organizations and mostly individual professionals in the automotive industry are facing the need for on the go and flexible learning. Prodiags, a supplier of technical automotive e-learning solutions, enables learning anywhere, anytime, and in small bits, just when there is a suitable moment. The modules offer bite-size subjects for the Middle East and Africa in English, French and, Arabic. The first module to be offered will be Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology. This partnership brings professionals, businesses, workshops, and institutes in the automotive industry more learning options to keep them always up to date with the lowest cost and highest flexibility to learn.

“Such exciting times for us at Tiqani. Learning is as good as how much you take back with you. We have always worked hard to find better ways to make learning more fun, more engaging, and more inspiring in order to make it stick longer” the founder and CEO at Tiqani, Rudy G. Shukri, added.

Tiqani acts as a liaison between the top management, middle management, and the employees by facilitating complex customer oriented strategies set by the management in the most efficient and cost-effective ways. Whether it is management, sales, technical, soft skills, or processes, our flexibility in guiding, facilitating, coaching, and training will get the job done.