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“For me, developing my customer’s skills is the key to long lasting customer relationships. With the Prodiags products I stand out from my competitors and I clearly sell more.”

Prodiags Sales Partner

Kitakone Oy /
Sami Turpeinen

Prodiags Sales Partner Sami from Finland
Kitakone Oy is a company from Central Finland, selling professional tools to automotive workshops, construction companies and the industrial field. Our salespersons visit customers within a radius of 150 km from our place of business.


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We will show you how easy it is to sell Prodiags Online Training Modules with the tools and processes we have created. If both of us feel this is a thing that would suit your customers, we have a quick start for actual sales work; open an account and create an agent tag for you, give you a training and you are ready to start within few days.

Rudi Steiner
Managing Director
Tel: +358 50 5555 998

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Stand out from other workshop suppliers

As a workshop supplier you know that your customers are under constant pressure of training their staff in developing automotive technology. There’s no miracle solutions or shortcuts to knowledge, but there is a cost-effective way to get on the right track – Online Training. By offering innovative Prodiags products to your customers, you will definitely stand out from your competition.

Prodiags has created a unique business by converting traditional lectures into interactive online modules complemented by examples, assessments and practical exercises. In addition to this, we have also created a groundbreaking agent partnership model for becoming a pioneer in selling automotive e-learning.


Happy Prodiags Sales Partner with Rising Sales and mechanics satisfied with the Prodiags Online Training for automotive technicians


Increase sales by improving customer skills

With the help of Prodiags, mechanics learn new skills, that creates a need for new tools and testing equipment, amongst other things. By selling the training, you create relationships with customers that are certainly interested in other products. In this way, you increase your sales opportunities and strengthen your position on the market.
Prodiags has also functioned as a training organisation for years in both Finland and the Baltic. We have seen, with our own eyes, how confidence and understanding of the training have created a need for buying new equipment. Additionally, as the knowledge grows, companies change their profile by specialising. This increases the need for new kinds of equipment and spare parts.


Automotive mechanic or technician realising he needs new diagnostic tools for utilising what he learned with the online training