All businesses started with an idea or with a solution to a problem. Prodiags is no exception. Back in the early 90ies, Matti Vatanen, automotive technical teacher at the Kajaani technical college got fed up by repeating the same learning content year by year. He was looking for something different to motivate the students and himself.

Matti came up with the idea of using computers in teaching. He decided that he shall use his own teaching methodology combined with PC technology to reach better learning results and to be able to teach latest technology without spending huge amounts in training equipment. First learning programs we introduced in 1990 for his own use. Soon other teachers heard about the programs and wanted to use them in their teaching as well. Matti decided that he shall establish a company to promote this work. HMV Systems Ltd,  a name still widely used in the Nordics, was established. Other teachers experienced similar benefits; they were able to motivate the students and teach latest technologies at the same time. Additionally they found out that preparing the classes with new teaching equipment, motivated also teachers to learn issues to be learned in more comprehensive way.

Technology has developed, not only in automotive technology, also in learning. From CD/DVD to Internet and cloud, speed, interaction, animation and much more.

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