Are you a teacher in a vocational technical automotive school? Or a manager / owner of a repair shop?

Then we have exciting news for you! It has never been easier to give your students or employees feature-rich, easy to use, and effective learning. Online or and in classroom.

And the best!  We have it made especially convenient for you to start e-Learning from scratch with a minimum of your resources – money and time.

With our Prodiags Course Bundles for Organisational Learning

to allow you to kick-start your learning and training of your employees / learners.


Prodiags supports your automotive learning needs, and makes a measurable impact on your organisation’s performance and bottom line. Save time, stress and costs by offering a flexible alternative to cover or complement face-to-face learning.

  • Modern user-friendly interface
  • Make admin easy
  • Build, manage, and coach classes, groups, and teams
  • Give your learners quick and easy access to training resources and assessment
  • Connect participants across multiple locations
  • Buy centrally and learn locally

Which bundles are available?

The courses are covering the following technical automotive areas (please click on the icon to get the full description):

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle

Tyre Work

Diesel Vehicle


How does it function in a nutshell?

In our new webshop you will find Selflearner and Organisational Learner Products. When entering the shop you click on the for your needs representative button and enter the corresponding part of the shop.

enter shop

An intuitive path is guiding you through the buying and payment process.

The bundles are delivered together with a customised Prodiags Learning Management Systen (LMS) based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) license for 1 year for Businesses and for up to 4 years for Schools.

After ordering and payment in our webshop you will receive a link to your Prodiags account and LMS.

If you have already a LMS in use?

Should you already have a LMS then you can add our courses to it with the help of a plugin based on the LTI Standard. For details please get in touch with us.