Opportunity in economically demanding times

The automotive segment is facing new and pressing challenges. Globalisation, individualisation, digitalisation and new markets entrants are changing the face of the segment as we know it. In addition, increasing environmental requirements by consumers and governmental bodies are also contributing to changes ahead. Business as usual like working a bit harder is no longer a guarantee of success.  How to secure your share of business, and eventually develop options to grow your business?


Be part of our global network

We are looking for agents spreading the word how Prodiags Learning supports individuals and organisations. An attractive program helps you to market and sell Prodiags to your existing customers as well as to attract potential clients for your business growth. It does not require any investment in equipment, software or major development. Though it requires dedication and active sales and marketing. Agent Fee Calculation is automated and we provide support for sales and marketing in your market area.


Get a jump start in digitization

This is eventually not the main target though you might have asked yourself on how to get grip in the digital economy, materialize on digitization, and not only invest in it.

Since 2000 Prodiags is offering online training to self learners and organisations via the internet. Meanwhile Prodiags became the de facto standard for Finnish vocational automotive training and delivers interactive learning experience via cloud services. Resulting in not only complementing education but replacing print media, like books generally.

With other words you will receive a ready to sell (digitized) and pay back solution. Digital business is not a one-time trade. Once acquired, customers remain customers and purchase additional licenses, all of which accrue to you on a continuous basis.


Learn how

Check out our Agent Brochure and get answers to the following topics:

  • How to be successful in the technical automotive segment
  • What is Prodiags e-learning
  • What is my role?
  • Why Become a Prodiags Agent?
  • How big can the Prodiags business be
  • How does this work in practice?


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