Oy Harkka-Group Ltd. is a vibrant automotive conglomerate operating in the Turku area, with its roots dating back to 2000. At the time, the company’s operations began as a full-service towing business, but since then, the scale of operations has expanded to cover the car repair shop and the AL Motoring Service Center.
In addition, Harkka companies have vehicle inspection activities under the trade names of Katsastus Turku AD Ky and Katsastus Salo AD. The former is located at the premises of the Turku AL Motoring Service Center on Korinpunojankatu.
The AL Motoring Service Center offers a variety of services to car users, such as providing an international driving license and organizing various tourist documents. Members of the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland (abbreviation “AL”) receive a number of valuable benefits from the motoring service center. Personnel In addition to the operating brothers Esa and Tomi Harkka, Harkka companies have eight permanent tow truck drivers and two mechanics at the workshop.

Esa and Tomi Harkka, owners of the Harkka-Group Ltd. In addition, there are about a dozen employees in the company.


Prodiags at the first in the workshop

In addition to towing and road service activities, Harkka-Group therefore have their own repair shop, which carries out maintenance work on all passenger cars and vans from oil change to complex maintenance operations. In addition, repair services are offered extensively, including engine overhaul etc. An up-to-date 3D measuring device has been purchased for work on steering angles.
According to Harkka companies, it only uses branded parts that are well-known in its work and operations. The deepening of the Prodiags learning platform began at the workshop because the challenges presented by modern vehicle technology, such as diagnostics, were on the top. Prodiags quickly gained the approval of the workshop staff, so it was inspired to expand the knowledge base. Especially good is the Finnish language of the learning platform and the clear and guiding graphics used in it.

Turku AL motoring service center & workshop on Korinpunojankatu. The spacious parking area facilitates access to the property.


The use of Prodiags has expanded

Few people may remember that modern towing services require a lot of comprehensive knowledge, skills and gaming eyes from tow truck drivers. The rescue task of a clutched vehicle requires experience and discretion. Of course, a significant part of the tasks is to act on the battery of the target car, but here too must be up to date; is it enough to just give the auxiliary power or should the battery be replaced? And, for example, when we know the problem of replacing the battery of today’s cars, the roadside service professionals of the Harkka companies are not very easy. In addition, a full-weight electric car weighing 2,5 metric tons can be assisted, and the low-voltage system fatigue has paralyzed an efficient car. The nearest brand repair shop may be a couple of hours drive away and car’s own manual for towing is a foreign language for tens of pages. Notwithstanding the above, Harkka companies are of the opinion that towing personnel are, of course, more truck drivers than mechanics. However, Pro Diags has also been used very successfully to systematically expand and update their expertise base.

The AL Motoring Service Center offers a variety of services to car users, such as providing an international driving license and organizing various tourist documents.


Polytechnic cooperation for ten years

Harkka companies have been cooperating with Turku University of Applied Sciences for ten years. One of the courses in automotive engineering is familiarizing yourself with survey work. Harkka companies, through their survey partners, have had much to offer. In addition, the Bachelor of Science (BSc) cooperation has produced, for example, engineering studies related to enterprise resource planning and quality management, which have been understood to have been useful for students, educational institutions and working life too. Vehicle engineering for engineering students has been trained almost from hand to hand. dismantling vehicle parts to find out the structure and operating principles of the components. In addition to the above, Harkka companies regularly – practically weekly – organize various training and exercises for fire and rescue personnel focusing on crucial and important issues for this professional group, such as supplement restrain systems (Airbags) and the likewise.

Harkka companies workshop, which carries out maintenance work on all passenger cars and vans from oil change to complex repair operations.


Electric power from own resources

Prodiags in Harkka companies has been used for 4-5 different study subjects, the content, images, animations and graphics have been appreciated. In addition, the flexibility of online courses has been learned to appreciate, as in a 24-hour service company, spending may sometimes be very hectic. Then, the next time they have been gathered, the staff has been studying for the last time they were left behind. The latest things in Harkka have been to get a full-scale electric car charging station and install solar cell panels with a 30 kW specific power reserve on the roof of the building. According to Harkka companies, in this way it’s possible to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity production, because on average, during the working day, the electrical power requirement of the building is clearly below that number of kilowatts.


The company’s operations began as a full-service towing business in year 2000. Towing operations are still one of the pillars of a successful businesses.