Who we are

Prodiags is a labor of love. Learn more about the people behind the #1 technical automotive e-learning solution

We are a passionate and highly dedicated group of talented people striving to give you better e-learning solutions to grow your business. Prodiags is a fast-growing, going international business. Our team at HMV-Systems consists of 15 persons.

We are truly proud of our open and international company culture and are committed to grow. We are passionate about what we do and work hard to become the greatest success story in the technical automotive e-Learning community… oh, and we also have a lot of fun.

Web-based learning system for automotive studies


  • Variety of ready made automotive learning modules including eLearning material, printable material and tests for self assesment
  • Ready made questions for teacher guided final exams
  • LMS functions, such as group mailings by email or sms, progress follow up by study groups or individuals, etc.

When to use it


  • The speed of learning in your organisation is smaller than the speed of change impacting it
  • Access to knowledge and expertise at the point of need is critical
  • Finding ways to accelerate individual and team development


e-Learning is our passion. The reasons behind:

1. Increase your Reach

You reach employees whenever they would like to learn

2. Build trust

e-Learning is sharing knowledge and is a key enabler for trust building

3. Save costs

Saving resources in general; costs for travelling, locations, time and environment

4. Engage your employees

Employees who believe they are receiving “poor” training opportunities are three times more likely to leave their jobs compared to companies with “excellent” training

5. Succeed in recruiting

e-Learning enables competence and skill development. It is a factor to attract bright people

6. Increased business

e-Learning is boosting agility. 35% improvement in time competency,  32% improvement in ability to introduce new products and services, 26% overall cost saving (Towards Maturity Report)

The main benefits of Prodiags have been

  • you can study from home and at your own pace
  • you do not need to buy books
  • its animation content
Student of Kainuu Vocational College

Learner, Kainuu Vocational College

Prodiags educational program is adaptable to automotive repair study modules and provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge. Using of the program is easy, so students can learn individually. This is especially comfortable when working with students from foreign countries

Renaldas Baranauskas

Teacher, Head of Kaunas Technical College Automotive Training Center

Feedback of performers’ preliminary screening of 3500 automotive students has been organised with Prodiags.

Prodiags made it easy to organise and arrange the whole of Finland skill testing at the same time. The system fulfilled the high expectations and significantly reduced the travelling of participants. Time and money was saved considerably.

Sami Nikkilä

Owner, Performer 2014, semi-final coordinator

Word spread also to front line.

Workshops, car dealerships and car importers became interested and today more than 1000 workshop workers in Finland and Estonia have been trained using ProDiags.


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