Would you like to know the technical characteristics of tyres, wheels and mounting/dismounting procedures of wheels/tyres? 

In this online course, equivalent to 1,5 – 2 days conventional classroom based training, you get insight into the technical characteristics of tyres and wheel rims. You will get into possession of proper inspection and mounting/dismounting skills, you need to be able to advise the customer in safe operation and follow-up procedures.

Following topics are covered in this course module:

  • Tyre characteristics and requirements
  • Rim characteristics and requirements
  • Inspection of tyres and rims
  • Correct and safe wheel/tyre changing
  • Working on tyres
  • Wheel balancing

What you will learn?

After completing this online study module, you will be able to carry out inspections of tyres and wheels, understand the work operations required to change a vehicle’s wheels/tyres and perform tyre balancing for the most common vehicle wheels and tyre types.

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