Are you a teacher in a vocational school or a manager of a repair shop?
You want to give your students or employees feature-rich, easy to use, and effective learning?

Now Prodiags selfstudy e-Learning course packages are available for schools and workshops. Prodiags supports your automotive learning needs, and makes a measurable impact on your organisation’s performance. Save time, stress and costs by offering a flexible alternative to cover or complement face-to-face learning.


  • Modern user-friendly interface
  • Make admin easy
  • Give your learners quick and easy access to training resources and assessment
  • Connect participants across multiple locations
  • Buy centrally and learn locally

How it functions?

When having chosen the course(s) get in contact with Prodiags. We will send you an offer. After payment you will receive a series of coupon codes equivalent to the number of  purchased licences. You distribute the codes to the training participants. The activation of the Prodiags courses will be done via web shop by students / learners.

Courses are pre-paid and free of charge for the participants at check out.

The participants will activate the course when clicking on the link to the Prodiags course website.
Please look at this video

Next steps

The possibility to buy packages from our web shop will start beginning 2018. We will also launch new admin tools offering:

  • Get high level student / learner reports and results fast
  • Easily track all learner progress
  • Export to a variety of formats like PDF and CVS
  • Integration to existing LMS (learning Management Systems)

Be informed when this is available to you.

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