Coming soon Prodiags selfstudy online learning – Tires, Rims and Tire Work

Our new Prodiags course – Tyre, Rims and Tire work – will be released soon. Stay tuned and watch for the release in September.

The use of the vehicle is trouble-free when the condition of the tires and rims is checked regularly by a professional.

When doing work on tires and seasonal changes of tires, it’s important to know the technical characteristics of tires and rims.

You need to be in possession of proper inspection and mounting/dismounting skills. And to be able to guide the customer in safe operation and follow-up procedures.


After completing this course you will be able to carry out inspections of tires and wheels and change a vehicle’s wheels/tires. Perform tire balancing for the most common vehicle wheel and tire types. You will be able to perform safe, independently, and timely tire and rim installations/inspections.


There is plenty of information, guidance, experience, and beliefs available… both true and false. This is why this course will provide you the correct and safe starting point for entering the tire service as a field of work.


  • Tire characteristics and requirements
  • Rim characteristics and requirements
  • Inspection of tires and rims
  • Correct and safe wheel/tire changing
  • Tire work
  • Wheel balancing