Would you like to receive the basic knowledge and skills of brake servicing?

Brake Service and Maintenance combines knowledge and the practical brake service training you’ve done to work as a mechanic.

In this online course, equivalent to 2 days conventional classroom based training, you will be enabled to perform inspections during interval services and additional jobs according to visual defects.

 Following topics are covered in this course module:

  • Recognising different structures and components, and knowing how they function
  • Assessing the need for service and repair
  • Front- and rear brake service
  • Drum brake service
  • Attending to electric- and mechanical parking brakes
  • Brake cylinder inspection and service
  • Bleeding the brake fluid circuit correctly
  • Changing the brake fluid

Will I get a certificate?

After completing your studies and appropriately completed assignments, you will complete the final exam. After completing the final test, you print a Prodiags certificate from your performance record to mark your expertise.

What you will learn?

You begin learning about brake servicing by familiarising yourself with typical structures and components. You learn the names of components which comes in handy e.g. when ordering parts.

When the structures are familiar you go on to assessing the service requirements. You find out how inspections are done during test-use and while lifted on the vehicle ramp. When you put these skills into practice, you notice how difficult doing a complete assessment of the service need is without disassembling the structures.



Prodiags Automotive Online Training - In the study about Front Brake Service, the service procedure is gone through step-by-step.




Prodiags Automotive Online Training - The course also covers attending to the electric parking brake, so you can avoid possible dangerous situations and damage.



Prodiags Automotive Online Training - Removal and inspection of the rear drum brake shoes.


The Break Service and Maintenance course consists additionally of assessments and practical tasks to challenge your knowledge of brake servicing. The inspection card found in the printable student material supports you in your daily work. To ensure a professional service delivery experience you provide the correctly filled inspection card to the customer.


Prodiags Automotive Online Training - rake service and maintenance service form

Where to buy the Brake and Service Maintenance course? 

Buy with confidence – you are satisfied or we refund your payment within 30 days after course activation.