Test your Knowledge in Diesel Vehicle Technology for FREE!

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This level test will give you a picture of your knowledge level when it comes to diesel technology. After this free trial test, you can buy our other training modules, and become a master mechanic, with our convenient online courses when you have the time and inspiration to do so.
Find out more about your skills with the Diesel Vehicle Technology Assessment Test, and challenge yourself with Prodiags training questions about Common Rail technology and Diesel Exhaust Gas systems.

  • Common Rail Basics
  • Common Rail Components
  • Common Rail Troubleshooting
  • Diesel Exhaust Gas Systems and Recirculation
  • Diesel Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment
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Use this interactive self-assessment to discover what you’re good at and where you may have room for improvement. Identify the things you already know and get some ideas what you can learn to become a professional. At the same time you will discover how Prodiags learning works and helps your career development.

Get the look and feel about Prodiags e-Learning training module. Experience how easy it is to learn with Prodiags self-study online modules anytime and anywhere.


The following questions are a quick test of your existing knowledge. Feedback summary gives you a clear result showing you where you stand. At the same time you will find Prodiags recommendation what you can do to develop and improve your knowledge in Diesel Vehicle Technology.

After taking this free trial level test, you will get a result from the assessment. You easily see at what level your skills are at the moment, and what you should improve on. Let us help you develop new skills with our online training modules for mechanics


You need to have knowledge of Diesel Vehicle Technology. Troubleshooting skills and experience will also be an advantage.


Internet connection, PC or laptop, and Browser. Recommended screen resolution 1024 x 768 or higher.


Prodiags proven learning will measure, valuate, and give feedback about your actual knowledge in Common Rail and Diesel Exhaust Gas system. You will receive the feedback of your performance for each section. Furthermore we will give our recommendation and hints how to improve your knowledge based on your results.

Feedback matrix and Prodiags recommendation based on your result

Points 0 – 59
Not there yet! You definitely would benefit from learning. With the help of Prodiags self study training module you will reach a totally new level. Take the modules here…

Points 60 – 69
Rough-and-ready! You passed the minimum level. Take advantage of the easiest way of learning automotive technology. No classroom attendance, no traveling is needed just choose the training module(s), register online and start your personal development and become an expert.

Points 70 – 79
Not bad! However you can do better. With Prodiags learning you can easily improve your knowledge and skills. Whenever you have time and wherever it is suitable for you.

Points 80 – 89
Well done! This is a good level for a service mechanics and technicians but with enhanced troubleshooting skills you could play in the higher league.

Points 90 – 100
Congratulations! You are currently competing in the master league. To stay there will require continuous learning and skills development. Let prodiags help you to stay on top.
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