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Prodiags offers e-Learning bundle for Schools and Business in the technical automotive segment.

This Service course bundle consists out of 3 online self-study courses:

1. Maintenance Service SKU: 050.0190.010.000.EN

Regular maintenance is the most common work of the repair shop. Maintenance of the vehicle does not result in visually visible changes to the customer. For this reason, periodic maintenance is a special process in which the mechanic is, in addition to his own technical work, contributing to the overall customer experience. A job can be said to be successful done if the customer returns when the next periodic maintenance occurs.


  • Service procedure from marketing to follow-up
  • Fixed and adaptable maintenance programmes
  • Service work step by step
  • Checking and changing fluids and filters
  • Inspection targets and methods
  • Considerations for road testing

2. Automotive Oscilloscope SKU: 040.0160.090.000.EN

When troubleshooting, how often do you find yourself trying to identify faulty electrical components? When checking circuit, power supplies and grounding, the signals often change too rapidly to check with a multimeter. Using an automotive oscilloscope will take your fault finding skills to a new level.


  • What is it and where to use oscilloscope
  • Trigger Mode (Normal Mode)
  • Roll Mode (Write Mode)
  • Synchronisation with Triggering
  • Cables and Probes
  • Checking Charging and Ignition system

The Service bundle is available in lots of: 25, 50, 100, and 200 licenses. Should you require more than 200 licenses then please get in touch with us.

The courses are administrated by teacher and / or admin person



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