Hybrid and Electric Vehicle e-Learning Course Bundle for Schools and Business

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Prodiags offers e-Learning course bundles for Schools and Business in the technical automotive segment.

This Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Starter bundle consists out of 2 online self-study courses:

Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technology SKU: 020.0090.020.000.EN

Hybrid and electric vehicles are here to stay and mechanics need to acquire new skills. Luckily Prodiags can help you with easy-to-use professional online course you can use anytime and anywhere. Try our Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology Online Course to learn how the hybrid and electric vehicles work.


  • General Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology
  • High-Voltage Systems
  • Driving and Charging
  • Maintenance and Faults
  • Electric Shocks, Accidents and First Aid
  • Collision Damage
  • Battery Chemicals and Magnetism
  • Safety Requirements in the Workshop
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Hand Tools
  • Measuring and Testing Equipment
  • De-energising the vehicle


HV Vehicle Technologies – Toyota Prius PHEV 2014 SKU: 070.0280.100.000.EN

Production of the Toyota Prius Plug-in hybrid began in 2012. After years of continuous, extensive sales, this is one of the most common hybrid car models. By familiarising yourself with structures and operating principles, you will improve safety levels and your own capability, both in maintenance and repairs.


  • General presentation and features of the HV Toyota Prius PHEV 2014
  • High-Voltage Systems
  • Special usage and driving features
  • Structure and description of the high-voltage system
  • Functions of the high voltage system in different operating conditions
  • The material corresponds to the technology for Toyota Prius model year 2014

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