Today 60% of Finnish and 95% of Estonian automotive technical colleges are using Prodiags as basis for their teaching. There are more than 30 training modules on different subjects and new ones are being developed continuously. Additionally Prodiags is used in workshops, by car dealers and car importers.

Now Prodiags has launched a series courses for self-studying. You benefit from the experience and feedback from more than 100 000 students.

Benefits of using Prodiags for you in studying

  • Learning process independent of time and place
  • Clear targets, with test results in real time
  • Helps one find own optimum learning and studying method
  • The latest version of the material always available
  • All study material has been developed to meet the requirements of working life
  • Interactive animations to illuminate and clarify complicated topics
  • Photos and video clips bring situations and components close to real life
  • With a good basic knowledge it’s easier and quicker to learn a manufacturer specific system than the other way around.
  • Overcomes the boundary between theory and practice


Prodiags – from Professionals to Professionals