Please find summary of questions and answers (Q&A) around the theme (to be updated regularly)

The course(s) will be delivered “electronically”. You will receive the following mails:

1. Login and start learning with Prodiags!

The link enclosed in the mail (sent to same e-Mail address you used in the payment process) will guide you to the Prodiags learning environment. You chose your own
password and start with the course.

2. Your Prodiags receipt order #….

This receipt serves as a document for your individual purposes.
Your are not asked for downloads of any kind of software, nor by means of accessing your Prodiags learning course, other than by the link you will receive to your eMail address you used in the payment process.

3. What to do when you do not get the activation link e-Mail and / or other mails?
Check your spam filter

Based on your settings and e-Mail service provider one or all the mails from your purchase are handled as spam

4. How long the activation link is valid?
When receiving the activation link you have three days to activate the link. After activation you will have indefinite access to your course for six months

5. What I am going to do if I missed the three days time slot for activation?
Get in touch with us at and request new mail with access link

Please give feedback
Feedback is import to us. So we can improve and make the experience with Prodiags even more a pleasure one. You can give feedback directly in each of the course descriptions, in our shop, in our blogs, and of course via our contact form.

Thank you for your interest in Prodiags Technical Automotive Learning.