The world is going through big changes, workshops and schools are looking for new training solutions. This is an amazing opportunity for rethinking and reshaping traditional models. Prodiags’ unique business – upgrading traditional training into interactive online modules complemented by examples, assessments and practical exercises – has proven it’s worth as a training method. In addition to this, we have also created a groundbreaking agent-model for you to become a sales agent in the Great Britain. With this model we have already become the market leader in Finnish automotive schools and workshop training.

Our training modules and our Training Environment concept are made by mechanics and automotive instructors. Nothing unnecessary, but a straightforward product family for workshops, mechanics and automotive schools. Because of this, it is also easy to sell.





How can I, as an entrepreneur, benefit from this?

  • Stand out from other workshop suppliers

As a workshop supplier you know that your customers are under constant pressure of training their staff in recent automotive technology. There’s no miracle solutions or shortcuts to knowledge, but there is a cost-effective way to get on the right track – Online Training. By offering innovative Prodiags products to your customers, you will definitely stand out from your competition. You will provide your customers with something your competitors does not have. Prodiags allows employee training to take place anywhere, anytime. In the workshop, during transit, in the café or at home, just to name a few alternatives.


  • Increase sales by improving customer skills

We all know that learning new skills creates a demand for better special and diagnostic tools. Benefit from this by providing online training. With the help of Prodiags, mechanics learn new skills, that creates a need for new tools and testing equipment, amongst other things. By selling the training, you create relationships with customers that are certainly interested in other products.


What does this require from me?


  • Presenting our solution options to customer organisations
  • Presenting our products to mechanics and learners
  • Being active and willing to conquer new markets


  • You have a company
  • Time for participating in agent training
  • Time for familiarising yourself with our products


Sales work in a nutshell

What do I sell?

The Self-learner module is an online training module for mechanics and other learners. These modules are technical entities that are ordered and payed for by the end user via our webshop.

The Training Environment is an online learning platform for organisations, where the administrator orders modules and manages the end users’ licenses inside the Prodiags platform.

How do I sell?

A new customer is linked (“hooked”) to you at the time of the first purchase. You give the customer a coupon code that is used in the first order.

After linking, all future purchases made by your customer are registered to you even if you didn’t do any sales work. For creating the coupons and following up customer orders you will have access to the needed online tools in Prodiags. More specific details in the agent training.

How do I benefit from this?

You will receive a percental commission for as long as your customer relationship is valid.


This is my thing, what next?

Excellent, you made the right decision. The next steps are:

  1. Fill in your information in the form by clicking the link below. This will not bind you to anything
  2. You will get contacted by us for setting up an online meeting


Paul Zogg

Sales and Business Development