With this video we explain how to enroll for the Prodiags self-study online e-Learning course

Life-long learning is here to stay. You try keeping up with the technical development in automotive technology? Long working hours might prevent you from learning. Other topics require your attention and you want free time as well. How to cope with these challenges?

Watch this video and Prodiags answers this question.

Q&A of the topics tackled in the video

  • Where to buy? – Prodiags webshop and eBay
  • How to enroll to the course? – Find suitable course, add it to cart, fill in user information, pay, wait for activation link in eMail (eMail is your user ID)
  • How to start learning? –  Activate link within 3 days, create password, and your are ready to go
  • What are the elements of a Prodiags course? – Multimedia content, automatically assessed assignments, and printable workbook

Prodiags, the unique learning experience in technical automotive education, is very easy to use. Interactive learning  is appealing with the help of the internet and multimendia content. You can buy Prodiags with few clicks in our webshops and enroll to the course just in minutes. You watch your progress, get results of your assignments and tests in real time.

Want to see Prodiags in action? Please enroll for the course – Test your Knowledge in Diesel Vehicle Technology for FREE!


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We help you in developping your personal automotive training and your career.
Prodiags enables you to find time for your other important things in life.

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