ADMIN > Add New User or Role




Enter user email. Search will check is this email already used as a Username.

  • If Username is new, you need to enter User Main Data and first Role.
  • If the Username exist, you confirm that person is same and create him a new Role in your group > What is role?
  • User updates
    • Password
    • Password Reset Delivery Email
    • Interface Language
    • Profile Image
    • Alternate Login Info
      • Google
      • Office 365
      • Facebook



User Main Data (1) is needed when new Username is entered. This info is common for all user Roles. User Role Data (2) is individual for between Roles.

Mandatory Info
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Language
  • Role
  • Valid from (Role User License Start Date)
  • Valid to (Role User License End Date)

Already when creating new Role you can add him as a member of Teams in menu Team Name.




External ID information is useful when Role study data is needed to export in other management tool where different ID (study number, staff ID, etc.) is used. External ID is updated by administration and can be used in CSV export column.



When Username (email) is save, he will receive activation email on this email. Activation link is valid three days. If Username exist and only new Role is added, the user get email message with info of new Prodiags Role.

Activation link guides you to create a new password. User updates password, email adress, languages, profile picture and alternative possibilities to log in (Google+, Office 356, Facebook) → Info.


What to do if activation link is expired or i can´t find it in the email. → Info.




When adding several User/Roles with similar info (Team, Contact person info, etc.) you can use function Save and Add New User/Role with Identical Role Settings.

This function will copy Role data and paste it to next new Role automatically. If you leave the tool copied data is not available anymore.