Moodle with Prodiags course moduleMoodle Gateway is integration plugin for Moodle LMS. It enables all Prodiags Content Modules use via Moodle. Briefly, with plugin the standard Moodle course can include link to Prodiags Content Module without a separate sign-in. Prodiags Content can operate as a total Moodle course or be a part of it, as a teacher you decide.
Student management is done with Moodle tools as standard Moodle course. Plugin transmit Prodiags Module total result in Moodle when the student leaves the Content Module.

Plugin supports Moodle versions up to Moodle 3.

Available Prodiags Content Modules you can find from our Prodiags web shop.


Installation and introduction

Moodle Gateway installation require rights of Moodle administrator. Installation need done only ones with Moodle External Tool first-time installation feature (Activity modules, Preconfigured tools).

After installation is done, every Moodle Course creator can add Prodiags Content Module in his Moodle course.

Moodle Gateway product package contain License Certificate with needed parameters and Installation Guide.


Explore it by Yourself

You can explore plugin and content module operation by sign up in our demo Moodle:


Exploit Prodiags Learning Management Reports

Prodiags Learning Management tools for Moodle teachersTo get all the benefits what Moodle Gateway can offer, teacher can also have Prodiags Username and Role. This Role in Prodiags allows you to use Prodiags reporting: follow what and when student has accomplished, explore what are question level answers with right and wrong options.


What Moodle Gateway Costs?

  • Gateway Establishment costs 990€
  • Gateway Annual fee:
    • less than 100 active Moodle users fee is 1100€/year
    • 100 to 200 active Moodle users fee is 1700€/year
    • more than 200 active Moodle users fee according agreement.
  • Prodiags Content Module fee is consistent with organisation pricing. Visit our website or request offer to explore more.
  • All prices with VAT 0%

Can This be one with another LMS?

Software DevelopmentStandard solution is only available with Moodle, but we would like to hear your wishes and survey opportunities for plugin development. Basic requirement is LTI 2.0 standardia and your LMS needs to support for this standard. Contact us!