Prodiags Training Module

The “backbone” of the Training Modules is our developers’ personal experiences in workshops and the industry, therefore they contain information that the mechanic really needs in daily work.


General product description

The description includes information for whom the module is intended, and what the learning outcomes are. It can be found in the webshop and the Training Environment’s Stock Allocator preview.

All modules contain:


Prodiags Training Module Assessment and Final Exam Result ExplanationThe Training Module contains an overall result, last time of use, assessment and final exam results. The numerical results and colour coding shows a failed or passed performance visually.


The Training Module consists of studies, that cover a subject in convenient entities or from different perspectives like diagnosing and repairing. Finishing a Training Module takes, depending on the starting level of the learner, anywhere between an hour and up to several hours. The time it takes is dependent on the individual. The best result is achieved by breaking down the studies over an extended time, e.g. alongside customer jobs.

Content Example from the module Charging Systems and Starter Batteries. Showing how to measure the charging.In the studies, versatile interactive content is utilised, such as images, videos, animations and 3d-models. These help ease the studying and keeps the content current and practical.

The users concentration and motivation is maintained by varying the content delivery.


Prodiags Module Printable Material PDF IconThe aim of the printable material is to help aid the studying process. The questions in the material steers the concentration to the key elements of the study. Additionally the material has practical tasks with the function of supporting practical application of the skills and knowledge.

The practical tasks can be adapted in the training as exercises led by the instructor. Self-learners can deepen their knowledge and understanding with the help of these exercises. The exercises can be done by utilising general workshop equipment, manufacturer specific service and repair instructions and vehicles.


The purpose of the assessments are for the learner to test and challenge themselves. They can be done without limits, both before the training and during. The assessments are also suitable for evaluating the starting level when planning the workshop’s needs for training.

The assessments use technology, which makes each question series different. This ensures that the knowledge is real.

WARNING! The Training Module assessments are not easy.

The Final Exam

Beginning the final exam is possible when all the Training Module assessments are passed. A passed final exam, and printed certificate of it, is strong proof of true knowledge and skills for the learner, his instructor and manager.

The certificate has a digital signing, ensuring its authenticity.

On the certificate’s overview-page there is a more detailed overview of the Training Module performance.

The certificate is valid for 3 years, after which we recommend taking the training module again, if not sooner.

Prodiags Training Module Certificate Example
Prodiags Training Module Certificate Example

Licence validity

Prodiags License Validity Icon

The Training Module license in Training Environments is 12 months. For self-learners the licence validity is 6 months.