Prodiags for Workshop Managers

Happy car repair shop manager spreading his hand in front of his mechanics who are satisfied with Prodiags

Hold on to your best employees

Offer your mechanics significant challenges and opportunities to develop themselves, and create a long employment relationship.

Automotive workshop manager thinking about what Prodiags online training modules would suit each mechanic or technician

Optimise your employee training

Define your team of mechanics training needs easily. Scale the training correctly, improve your company and the teams results and save on costs.

Hold on to your best employees

The best mechanics have a natural tendency to explore and learn new things. Their thirst for knowledge is not limited to the tasks you assign them — they want to learn new skills.

The key skill of a manager is to give every employee the right amount of challenges and rewards. In this way the work environment and tasks are satisfying and the motivation to stay with your company grows. You don’t want to lose your best employees.

Development of a mechanic’s career doesn’t mean changing their job description to a higher level. Within your workshop there are certainly mechanics that like to work on either older or newer cars and others who have a passion for engines or electronics. This is development of a mechanic’s career: being able to respond to technical challenges and feed their natural thirst for knowledge.

To workshop operations this development is a lifeline. Prodiags is the best choice for training in automotive technology at the workplace.

  • Training content is created by mechanics and industry experts
  • Theory — only when needed
  • Learning goals are clear
  • Results can be verified by the manager

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A company that invests in training and can offer strong development possibilities, attracts and holds the best and most motivated workers. Managing training does not have to be difficult, find out how Prodiags can help you.

Optimise your employee training

Technical development and customer expectations bring constant pressure to workshops for employee education. You might have noticed that participating in a training event does not guarantee good learning results. Success depends on e.g. the participant’s initial skill level, motivation — and how sharp the participant is.

An easy way for a workshop manager to identify the initial skill level and motivation is by using the Assessments and Final Exam of Prodiags Training Modules.

We believe, that training alongside work should be continuous and in convenient bitesize pieces — when there is motivation and time. The best result is achieved by combining online learning with face-to-face events and practical exercises at the workshop.

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