Keuruun Auto Oy is an independent automotive aftermarket enterprise operating in Central Finland, offering spare parts and maintenance services for both cars and commercial vans. As company’s name suggests, Keuruun Auto Oy is located in Keuruu, where the workshop has Kia and Subaru brand service and as a general repair shop the status of BCS (Bosch Car Service).
In addition, Karkare Toyota Service (and multi-brand workshop too) in Mänttä, which has been serving the aftermarket needs of Toyota users in its area for three decades, is also a part of the same group.
Keuruu Auto also utilizes the Prodiags digital learning platform and had the opportunity to discuss self-study with Ville Alanen, a younger generation mechanic.


From school to work

Ville Alanen graduated as a vehicle mechanic from Jyväskylä Vocational College in 2018. Prior to this, he had gone to high school and completed a baccalaureate, so he has had enough time to complete his studies and weeks. At Vocational College, Alanen felt that he was almost an adult student, as his student friends were generally a few years younger. Nonetheless, his comments and accents sound appreciated by younger students. When an example is shown, the young ones will indeed go on. According to Alanen, Vocational Education and training taught the basics and theory, but there has been an improvement in skills in terms of practical skills in working life. Indeed, a year in the mechanic’s profession has taught me a great deal, says Ville Alanen.

According to Ville Alanen, a mechanic at Keuruun Auto Oy, a year in working life has taught quite a lot, and what has been learned in theory has been translated into practical work. He feels that he has received significant help from Prodiags, particularly in troubleshooting and repairing air condition.


Prodiags as an Air Conditioning Expert

Alanen says he has used Prodiags in his own knowledge and skills development. Air conditioning in particular is a part that has been carefully reviewed and has been particularly helpful. Studying the structure of the air conditioner and the operation of the refrigeration technology and modern vehicle air conditioning, and thus the advanced “step-by-step” know-how, has been an important aid in troubleshooting, for example. After locating the fault target and the extent of the fault, it is easy to create a repair plan. Costs to the customer remain reasonable and time is not wasted. Alanen says he is a “reading-learning type” and appreciates the professionally produced and carefully produced study material that Prodiags has proven to be. It’s a good idea to think about theory first, because I think it’s natural to put what you’ve learned into practice, Alanen says.

Keuruun Auto Oy has its Kia and Subaru brand service in its headquarters and the status of Bosch Car Service as a multi-brand workshop. Another location is in Mänttä, where Toyota brand service Karkare has been serving Toyota users in its area for three decades.


Brand and multi-brand workshop

Keuruun Auto receives the necessary data, technical information, training and, if necessary, assistance from the importers regarding the car brands they are representing. According to Alanen, for example, the training materials provided by vehicle manufacturers for brand servicing are of a very high quality, and on this side, there is actually a little to notice. The other thing is the so-called foreign brands – enough for a general workshop – and with them Prodiags has once again benefited, such as the VW Group’s vehicles.
Although automotive technology is built according to the same legislation regulations and financial frameworks, there are always differences in detail and technology implementation. Up-to-date, reliable and easy-to-understand information is always at the service of customer-focused workshop.

Keuruun Auto Oy has its headquarters in Yliahontie.