Would you like to learn how to apply practical knowledge and skills needed in electrical engineering ?

Then this new Electricity course module is the right one  for you!

In this online course, equivalent to 3 days conventional classroom based training, you will  you will learn at the required level of introduction to electrical engineering , the basic phenomena of electricity, how electrical current and magnetism are connected to each other in the generation and use of electricity. You will understand how electric current is generated by a traditional generator and how other ways of doing this differ.

Following topics are covered in this course module:

  • How electricity is generated and how its phenomena can be utilised
  • Electrical engineering in a generator, actuator and detector
  • The multimeter and basic measurements
  • Utilisation of the multimeter and making use of a power clamp
  • The practical application of multimeter measurements
  • Studying and applying electrical engineering variables
  • Practical application of power and voltage laws
  • Practical application of measurement results and basic laws of electrical engineering
  • Practical tips from a professional to the user

What you will learn?

The learning introduces you to the mathematical application of electrotechnics through practical examples. The purpose of sample results and calculations is to guide you to make similar mathematical applications with your own measurement results. This will help you achieve the true know-how of electrical engineering; “The practical application of electrical engineering”.

After studying, you have excellent skills to apply the basics of electrical engineering in practice and learn more about the subject at work and ongoing studies. After studying, you will be ready to perform measurements with a multimeter and power clamp.

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