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Prodiags helps automotive professionals adapting to new technologies, closing skill gaps and living up to productivity demands.

User Homepage

Student view   In the homepage student can see:   Students learning module that he has purchased or what teacher has given to him. Prodiags shop advertisement, clicking the image you can go to the shop and view the learning module. Only visible in self-study, usually...

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Report of Users

With this function you can see all the users who have role in this group or team. Teacher can´t search users from other group or teams. Teacher must first switch role in order to see reports from other groups or teams.   Searching the reports is safe and it wont do...

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Edit User or Role Data

            Pencil - button opens user data which has the same functions as the "adding new user or role" - function. You can change user data any time you want and all the changes will update immediately. Remember to save all the changes you make. It is possible to...

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