Student view


In the homepage student can see:


  1. Students learning module that he has purchased or what teacher has given to him.
  2. Prodiags shop advertisement, clicking the image you can go to the shop and view the learning module. Only visible in self-study, usually hidden in the organisation use.
  3. User learning progress display. Prodiags informs user which module he has to improve the most.
  4. Student can have many learning modules. Prodiags separates them automatically in different groups where they are easier to view and use.
  5. Student have direct access to his own study register where he can view his task results.
  6. Here user can log out.



Students study register has these following functions:


  1. Student can search results from different learning modules independently.
  2. Learning module tasks combined result: green = excellent, yellow = pass, red = fail.
  3. Log, where user can see when the learning module task was last viewed.
  4. Best results of the tasks.
  5. Here student can observe his learning progress and view which task ansvers were correct and what went wrong.
  6. Passed task is possible to print certificate for examble in the CV. All learning modules and tasks is not possible to get certificate.



Example of the certificate.




Teachers view


Teachers view is all most same that the students view, with two exceptions:


  1. Teachers have admin  – menu.
  2. Teachers don´t have Prodiags shop advertisement as a default, but it is possible to make visible also in the teachers view.