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Prodiags has been developing and selling customer-oriented online learning courses for self-learners successfully. We are pleased to present you a new way to buy these on-line learning products also for organisations, like shools, training organisations, and businesses.

Our online webshop serves you whether you are a mechanic, a trainer, a teacher or a leading training organisation, 24h a day and whenever you have access to the Internet.

The learning products are divided based on whether they are intended for single user (self-learning) or training for a larger organisation (organisational learning).


Self-study products for one user. Our solution is to provide learning with a single license fore self-development.

Starter packages for multi-user organisations We provide a startup package that includes the necessary course modules and licenses to start organisational use right away.



Webshop Products


The learning content of the study module itself is the same for everyone. As a professional you can buy the same products as the educational organisations offer to their students and learners. On the other hand, organisations have the same material as those persons in their daily work in the workshop. For this reason, our learning products are suitable for practical, theoretical, and pedagogical learning. The difference is the way how the Prodiags Learning Management is supporting the learning.


For self-learning students, we offer a single user content license for single subject licensing. The study license is valid for 6 months. It can be prolonged for another 6 months at a special rate if necessary.

For organisational  learning students, teachers and trainers we offer pre-designed startup packages. The startup package includes several study modules relating and supporting each other, as well as a corresponding number of multi-user licenses. The startup packages are available with 25, 50, 100 and 200 multiuser-licenses.

The startup package gives organisations easy access to Prodiags’ online learning.

If you did not find a suitable startup package, you can always contact us.



After ordering:

After ordering:

  • you get a student role
  • the study content is available automatically after first sign-in

After ordering:

  • get your own Prodiags group
  • you will get the group administrator rights
  • manage the users and their licenses



Buying online and deploying the courses


Buying in the prodiags online shop is easy. Check out the interesting products and add them to the shopping cart. Payment can be made with PayPal or credit card. After payment, you will receive an email receipt for the payment as well as a message from Prodiags. The message contains a link to create a user account password and also serves as a confirmation of the added product.

After that, the product you bought is immediately available to you, whether you are a self-learning student or an organisation customer.




Use of Prodiags content


Self-learner Prodiags account is active as long as you are an active user. The content of the study content you have purchased is valid for 6 months.

You can buy other products or extended time for a previously purchased product with the same user account.

By default, the organisation’s license duration is 12 months. Public institutions may, if they so wish, apply for an extension to this license period. For formal qualifications, content is available for the duration of the whole study.

In organisation use, a user or content license is used when a new user is added or the learning content is activated.

You can buy licenses in advance or use unused licenses later on demand.



The most popular features of the Prodiags user interface

  • Studying – start to the content you are using
  • Studyrecord – studies and testresults will be collected and are on file
  • Personal Information menu  – helps keep your information up to date

Key Operations for Teachers / Teachers and Administrators

  • User management tools and reports
  • Teaching management tools and reports


Learn more and use instructions for all administrators automatically in the active Prodiags 5 maintenance basic module and on our Blog pages.






Make a new purchase


A self-learner student can easily add Prodiags studying by choosing new products from the online store. For a new purchase, remember to use the Prodiags username as your email address, then we can combine new content with your current account.

An organisational learning customer uses the Prodiags Offer Tool for postpaid purchases or by contacting sales.

All products available for self-study online in our webshop are also available for use by organisations.




Problems situations and support


If you encounter problems or having questions, please visit our blogs. Prodiags user guidance and support blogs are all publicly visible and free to comment.

Commenting allows you to familiarise yourself with other Q&A asked by others and present the ones you are looking for. Based on your comments and questions, we develop and update blogs and products. We also link key blogs for maintenance to Prodiags.

For further information please contact sales: at sales (at) prodiags.com or technical support at: support (at) prodiags.com.