Saves you time and
travel costs

time and place

Enables you to complete training conveniently at off-hours or from home


Inspires and engages you in order to result in enhanced learning outcomes



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Taking an Prodiags online course you enter a risk-free environment in which you can try new things and make mistakes without exposing yourself. It shows the consequences of your actions and here/why they went wrong. And you learn with Prodiags whenever and wherever it is suitable for you.

Prodiags shows your courses, lessons and tasks at a glance

24/7 Accessibility
You learn at your own pace and in comfortable settings

Allows you control in a way that classroom learning doesn’t

The combination of multimedia and instructional design produces a very rich learning experience that is repeatable

You know where you are. Your motivation is fueled when seeing learning progress in your daily work

Prodiags is a space in which you can plan and reflect in depth on your practice, helping you identify your strengths and find ways of building on these

Benefits for students

Immediate results and feedback
Simple, flexible logistics
Studying and learning on your terms
Easier way to keep up professional skills
Helps you find your own optimum learning and studying method
The latest version of the material is always available
Interactive animations clarify complicated topics
Helps overcome the boundary between theory and practice
You havet the freedom to choose the time for study
All material has been developed to meet the requirements of real work life


Of Estonian automotive technical students are using Prodiags


Of Finnish automotive technical students are using Prodiags

There are more than 1000 training courses run by Prodiags at vocational colleges

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